Star Prairie Community Club

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Star Prairie Queens 

Star Prairie Community Club is looking for Queens Candidates!

Would you like to apply for the 2016 Star Prairie Royalty Court? Click Below and we will get in contact with you!!!

Contact Jodi Olson 715-377-6722
Or email [email protected]
[email protected]

Little Miss

Abigail Cody- Little Miss

Abigail is 6 and goes to Starr Elementary in New Richmond. Abigail’s Sponsor is Steve Cody with Keller Williams Premier. Her parents are Gene & Starlla Cody. She has two siblings Zachary & Conner. Abigail loves to read, draw, sing and dance. She loves swimming and has passed the “deep end test” at the age of 5. She enjoys doing hair especially her moms. When Abigail gets older she would like to be a teacher, get married, be an artist, and have kids.

Hailey Veness-Little Miss Princess

Hailey is 7 and goes to Starr Elementary in New Richmond. Hailey’s Sponsor is Dr. Eric Bohl Veterinary Clinic. Her parents are Jessie Dodge and Lance Veness. She has one sibling Xander Simon. Hailey enjoys learning math and reading while in school. She likes to spend time reading in & out of school. Outside of school she enjoys traveling with family, sightseeing and going camping. When Hailey gets older she would like to work at school helping students become good readers and learn how to do math.

Jr. Miss Canidates

Kaitlyn Miller- Jr. Miss Star Prairie

Kaitlyn Miller goes to Paper Jack Elementary. Kaitlyn sponsor is Smith Snowplow & Lawncare. Her parents are Amy & Tony Miller. She has 2 siblings Jacob & Nathan. Kaitlyn like to read and do math in school. Outside of school she likes dance, gymnastics, and playing with her friends. When Kaitlyn gets older she would like to be a dance teacher.

Elizabeth Churchich- Jr. Miss Princess

Elizabeth is 10 and goes to Somerset School. Elizabeth’s sponsor is Star Prairie Barber. Her parents are David & Kathleen Churchich. She has 3 siblings Bobby, Jimmy and Timmy. Elizabeth likes to read and do arts & crafts. When Elizabeth gets older she would like to have many animals to take care of.

Miss Star Prairie Canidates

Kayla Mork- Miss Star Prairie

Kayla is 16 and goes to New Richmond High School. Kayla’s Sponsor is Apple River Inn. Her parents are Shannon Mork and Charles Hultman. She has three siblings Raelynn, Aurielle and Chloe. Kayla is involved in AP Classes, Choir and Prom Committee. Her hobbies, sports and talents are Dirt track racing, baking, reading, singing & Wood-working. She is planning on going to a 4 year college and major in Nursing, specifically Neonatal. Kayla wants to be Miss Star Prairie to inspire the people of the community, especially the little girls and boys to be themselves and try new things.

Kailynn Ebert- Miss Star Prairie Princess

Kailynn is 17 and goes to Osceola High School. Kailynn’s Sponsor is Star Prairie Sports Bar. Her parents are Page and James. She has three siblings Bailey, Imojin and Luna. Kailynn is involved in FFA, French Club, Bowling Club, 4-H and Jazz Choir. Her hobbies, sports and talents are photography, cake decorating, baking & singing. She is planning on going to college & becoming a choir instructor. Kailynn wants to be Miss Star Prairie for the friendships, memories, and the laughs that go with it.

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